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12 Tips for Product Hunting in 2021

Amazon product teste. Everyone is looking for a golden egg, an ideal Amazon Product Hunting, a life-changing product. Okay, what? This product will not look magical in front of you or anyone will put it on a plate for you.

You will have to swim in the ocean of 500+ million products on Amazon.

Amazon product teste is the most important time and you will fail if you don’t spend a lot of time here! There are 2 types of salespeople. Amazon product teste

Those who make decisions based on narrow observations and those who follow strict criteria. What do we offer? This blog will actually delete both.

There is no tool that can give you the formula to predict a definite result or product success. Success should be a mixture of data analysis, observations, and experiments that produce a golden egg.

 Product and Product strategy

Each product is unique and has its own market destiny. Just as each product is unique, the strategy of “going to the market” for each will be unique.

 New vs Experienced Sellers

New salespeople are too scared or too risky when it comes to making a decision. Balance at sea risk is required according to your circumstance. Some want to completely abandon or resell it.

Some experienced salespeople usually look for a product with precision and take a mathematical approach to every decision after using the market’s intellectual tools, which is also not true. You need data analysis in your right hand, a neutral judgment on the left, and join your hands to make the best decision.

1. High Demand and Low Competition


You must find a product that is high or medium in demand. What does this mean? The demand will determine how long your product will take to sell once it goes on sale at the Amazon store.

Accept the demand as a flow of the river and each product has its own flow. The speed of the water is extraordinary, you want to enjoy the canoe ride.

And it will take you to where you need to go without speeding down the road.

We will also look at our competition and the number of competitors in total, to see if this will be the right market for us to get into.

The number of competitors can be compared to the depth of the river. The more competitors, the greater the depth of the river and the chance for your product to drown .Amazon product teste

So your product would have to swim more to appear on the surface.

Amazon product teste One-step advice. At best, you want to hunt for a product that has a high sales rate and a small number of vendors to easily shine.

Whichever product you finish, you will need to develop the appropriate strategy to produce page 1. Now let’s turn to the elephant in the room, how to “determine” the desire?

We cannot “do” an open and simple answer, we can only estimate and estimate the demand level from several channels using a variety of tools.

The most popular tool recommended by the builders is the Jungle Scout (JS) Chrome Extension. For those who will be using it for the first time or are in the early stages, JS Extension provides information along with a point score for Amazon sellers.

2. Keyword search volume

In terms of importance and importance, this should rank second on your watchlist. Always approach the keyword search volume as the Sales and Marketing specialist looks at the shoes in the mall or marketplace.

There are several tools that share different types of information when displaying keywords. We always advise our readers to use “real” tools and learn how to get information from different tools.

What do we mean by “real”? In the language of the working people, it is necessary to make accurate, unnecessarily complex assumptions and work with a tool that does not magnify the results.

You can click on our detailed blog on this topic here.

  • Our team of experts and satisfied customers use a premium tool.
  • That will help you with your Amazon  Product Hunting, Keywords, PPC campaigns and trade, product name, and more.
  • The 30-day free trial is free of charge and can be used in the US, UK, Canada, and Indian markets.

3. Seasonality

The product of our choice should not be a ho Demand trend that can be easily verified using Google Trends by clicking on Amazon product teste keywords.

Low-season products, first of all, are unpredictable, and secondly, they will only be delivered for a certain period of time.

4. Monitoring the product behavior

Once-in-a-lifetime results, such as desire, keyword search, and seasonality, take a picture of the situation. You need to keep in mind that your results will only last for a certain amount of time.

Using Keep a will be useful here to see your competitors ’age and sales prices over time.

5. Product name

You should not make a mistake using the product name when using Jungle Scout you should use the keywords when analyzing the product being analyzed.

It is a common mistake to get excited by JS Opportunity Scores using incorrect terms.

6. Healthy edges

This is often a pit for newborns. They end up with a product that advertises as a hot seller by misinterpreting the results of the product.

What they can’t figure out is how much of a source they can make and how much they will sell. You spend a lot of time, energy, and money on the dollar, and most of them, are not on earning money.

Therefore, we recommend that the sale price of the product should be in the range of $ 15-40 (at least for newborns). You can check out the FBA calculator by clicking here to check the edges and think appropriately.

You can also check our blog on search platforms other than Alibaba to make informed search decisions and reduce purchase costs.

7. Average income and average monthly sales

According to experienced vendors, the average revenue of a targeted product should be more than $ 5,000. This shows the number of sales

and the total market from the point of view of the $ current in the product.

The bigger the cake, the bigger the tongue that can be cut, and the bigger the bite. Similarly, another indicator of sales volume is that if 300 units of the product are sold, there is enough space for a new entrant to be squeezed.

8. Reviews

Reviews form social proof, so much more interesting. Why is the number of reviews important? First of all, everyone knows that Amazon has been tight-lipped on reviews lately, and raising reviews is a “helluva” thing.

If you don’t stick to any product and you don’t have enough time and money, you should avoid products with reviews in 500 – 5000 months.

Wear it in your customer’s shoes, there is a sense of security and safety when you see a few reviews. “2,500 reviews mean the same thing, there may be some paid / fake reviews, but there can’t be that many, right?

9. Light and lightweight

Our advice is to choose an Amazon product teste that weighs less than 1 kilogram and has no extra dimensions. Why do we suggest this?

Vendors are at least overly sensitive to the costs at first and are usually frustrated with the surprising costs that come out from time to time.

Heavy and bulky products will increase shipping costs from the supplier to the Amazon product teste warehouse to the final customer.

10. Vendor level

Although no one but Amazon knows exactly how a seller’s rank is calculated, based on experience, we can define it as a number that shows its popularity in a product category.

The product is the highest in the BSR and the highest in sales (I’m not talking about the competition here).

Here are some examples of categories with recommended BSR ranges:

  1. Home and kitchen
    The main product is BSR 100 – 20,000
    Competitive product BSR 250 – 20,000
  2. Home Improvement Tools
    The main product is BSR 100 – 7500
    Competitive product BSR range 250 – 80,000
  3. Industry
    The main product is BSR 100 – 2500
    Competitive product range BSR 200 – 3000
  4. Health and personal care
    The main product range is BSR 800 – 7,000

11. Margin for improvement

You need to go through the descriptions of new and created brands in the product category to see customer suggestions or any improvement points that want to improve the brand.

Upgrade the product, add value to the market and offer solutions to customers.

12. Stay away from features

12.1. Reviews> 1000

As explained earlier, Be prepared to face the music, and develop a strong level of patience along with a long-term strategy.

12.2. Merchant (FBM), Amazon executed by brands

It’s best to consider their absence in the product category a blessing, but if they exist and you feel really optimistic about the product, they shouldn’t dominate on the ground.

12.3. Broken, glass, ceramic products

The product comes out of the warehouse, reaches the Amazon fulfillment center, and is then shipped to the last customer, so you may be on some sort of product.

You should avoid products that tend to break during transit because they are like a time bomb for you. You can easily get negative reviews without any bad intentions.

12.4. Multi-piece products, chess, letter board Amazon product teste

For example, if there is a complication in the assembly of parts of the product, for example, there is a special opportunity to confuse things, lose parts,  and so on. This can leave an unhappy customer, and eventually, make you unhappy.

12.5. Goalkeeper stuff

Some categories, such as Health and Beauty Products and Food, require pre-approval from Amazon. Beginners should start with unlimited categories or generally undefined categories to avoid unwanted speed breakers.

12.6. Electronic and battery products

Especially in the beginning, we recommend that you stay, away from battery-powered electronics things. You don’t want a small transistor that spoils your Amazon sales experience.

because there is a sharp distance to the error that Amazon allows.

We need to leave the electronics category in the factory or wholesale suppliers because they work very large and the income will not hurt them.

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